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Timing is Everything with HGH

Timing is Everything with HGH            In order to understand when is the best time to take HGH, you must understand how HGH is naturally secreted and used by the body.  Depending on what benefits you want to get with HGH and your activity level, you may need to take HGH at different times than others in order to get optimal results.

 Normal Release of Growth Hormone

HGH is released naturally in surges throughout the day. Most of these surges are small and occur every 3 to 5 hours.  The surges are to help maintain energy levels.  Certain situations can trigger HGH release.  For example, if you perform a high-impact activity (like resistance training), your pituitary gland will release HGH to help you recover.  If your blood sugar levels fall, your pituitary will also release more HGH to help you stay energized.

When is the Best Time to take HGH Supplements?

To get the best results from HGH, you should take it to mimic your body’s natural production of growth hormone.  Ideally, this would mean taking HGH every 3-5 hours.  Many people prescribed HGH injections must take the treatment this way.   For people who have healthy levels of HGH (though the levels may still be diminishing), supplementing HGH may only be needed once or twice daily at certain moments to maximize benefits.  Weightlifters, for example, notoriously will take HGH supplements immediately after a workout.

If you are only taking a HGH supplement or HGH releaser once daily, then you should take it immediately before going to bed.  The majority of your HGH is produced while sleeping.  By taking the HGH at this time, you will maximize its benefits.  If you are in training, then you should really take HGH at least twice daily: once before bed and once after your workout.

Timing HGH with Meals

Timing is Everything with HGH            Insulin and HGH are incompatible in the body.  When your insulin levels are up, your HGH levels will fall.  So, if you take HGH right after eating a carb-rich meal, the insulin will negate the benefits of the HGH.  Ideally, HGH should be taken on an empty stomach. When taking HGH before going to bed, do not eat any starchy foods for at least two hours beforehand.  If you must take insulin after a workout, first take the HGH and then the insulin about 30 minutes later.

In the ideal situation, you would break your HGH supplement or HGH releaser into multiple daily dosages.  If you are willing to tolerate the inconvenience of this in order to get the additional benefits, then you should make sure that the daily dosages are at time when your insulin levels are at their lowest, i.e. well after eating a meal.

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